Well Testing and Flowback

Production Solutions’ Flowback and Well Testing group provide safe, dependable and customizable well testing and flowback services. Our world class equipment and experienced personnel can safely and effectively execute the most demanding well testing and flowback programs, including HPHT and high concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S or sour gas). Our state-of-the-art equipment spreads meet all relevant American Petroleum Institute (API) and NACE standards, this combined with our extensive HSEQ programs enables us to safely meet and execute all your well requirements.

Services Include:
• Sand Separators (10K)
• Plug/Parts Catchers (10K – 15K)
• Flowback Manifolds with adjustable and/or fixed chokes (15K)
• Hydraulic Choke Manifolds (for extreme flowback) (15K)
• Line Heaters (indirect-fired, 2mm BTU, 10K)
• Separators (4 phase 500psi to 1440psi)
   - High volume
   - High/Low shut downs
   - Liquid level shut down
   - Gas measurement via Electronic Flow Meters (EFM), Coriolis, Orifice Meter
   - Liquid measurement via Turbine or Coriolis Meters.
   - NACE manufacturing standards
• Flare Stack (65’)
• Pressurized and Open-Top Tanks
• On Site lab and Office Containers
• Generators
• Light Plants
• Flowline Restraint Systems
• ESD Valves
• Reporting (Petroclass software)