Production Solutions offers a modern stimulation fleet consisting of 30,000 hydraulic pumping horsepower.  This equipment along with our in region experience of over 350+ stimulations give us the unique ability to not only enhance production but increase recoverable reserves from the complicated reservoirs located in Eastern Europe and Asia.  We have received dramatic results from stimulations including:

• Borate and Zirconate Cross Linked Systems
• Nitrogen Foam Systems
• High Rate Slickwater Systems (60+ bpm)
• Hybrid Systems (Cross linked and Slickwater)
• Gelled and Crosslinked HCL Acid Systems
• Mud Dissolving Acid Systems (Hydrofluoric)
• Gelled Oil Systems

These systems coupled with our expertise and ability to provide real time modeling allows for on the fly job design changes in reaction to each wells unique reservoir characteristics.  This ability to give each well the stimulation it requires based on data being observed during its treatment as opposed to just the data available before its treatment regularly makes the difference between a moderately successful stimulation and a highly successful stimulation.